How many fish can I have in my aquarium?
Written by Mr Hobbyfish   

This is a difficult question as there are many variables to take into account, such as size of your aquarium, filtration, what type of fish(fresh or salt), compatability(with other fish eg predators and inverts) and proper maintenance regimes.

A helpful way of looking at this is to realise that the larger the aquarium the less restricted with stocking you are. Although the more fish you put in the heavier the workload for your filter and/or water changes to cope with.

Every fish produces waste, and along with feeding can quickly create unliveable conditions and possible disaster.


One of the mistakes most often made is to buy juvenile fish without researching how large they will grow. One of the first purchases you should make is a guidebook for aquarium fishes, one of Mr Hobbyfishes favourite reference tools is "Marine Fishes" & "Reef Aquarium Fishes", both by Scott Michael with information on compatability, sizes and feeding.

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