Welcome to Mr Hobbyfish Aquarium Maintenance Service

The jewellike colours of tropical coral reefs or the tranquil beauty of a peaceful riverscape can be transformed into reality in your home or office space. With top quality products and professional workmanship, Mr Hobbyfish can create an aquascape that is both stunning and hassle free.

To realise your dream, Mr Hobbyfish employs the highest standards in aquatic design and management for proven success. From the initial planning stages, to the installation and ongoing care of your system, Mr Hobbyfish has the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to make your aquarium a living awe inspiring feature.

With an ongoing commitment to ethical fishkeeping, Mr Hobbyfish always has the best interests of your aquarium inhabitants in mind. Specialising in keeping fish, coral, invertebrates and plants healthy by consistent monitoring of water chemistry, advice on stocking and feeding, along with precise information on fish and coral compatibility, Mr Hobbyfish will ensure that the hardest thing you have to do is enjoy your living art.


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