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Written by Mr Hobbyfish   
Tuesday, 04 August 2009

Every month or so we will be featuring aquariums owned by Mr Hobbyfish and his clients. The opening spotlight will feature an aquarium that was set up by Brad a few years ago for a valued client. This is the “Oxford Reef”.




Aquarium Statistics

Dimensions: 183cm by 92cm by 60cm
Volume: including sump: 1250L
Filtration system: Custom built reefugium using miracle mud and caluerpa
Lighting: 3 250W single ended radium 14000K metal halides, Aquamedic Sunbeam T5 fitting using 2 80W reef blue actinic
Circulation: Main circulation pump Oceanrunner 6500, 2 Tunze stream pumps.
Other equipment: 55W DeBary UV Sterilizer, Aquamedic 1000 Calcium Reactor, Teco 20 Chiller, Aquamedic osmolator



Amphiprion Ocellaris (Ocellaris clownfish)                                          
Oxycirrhites types (Longnose hawkfish)                                         
Cirrhilabrus Cyanopleura (Orangeblotch wrasse)                           
Synchiropus Picturatus ( Psychedelic mandarin)                            
Paracanthurus Hepatus (Blue tang)                                                 
Siganus Vulpinis (Foxface rabbitfish)                                              
Halichoeres Chrysurus ( Banana Wrasse)                                       
Valenciennea Strigata ( Yellow headed sleeper Gobie)                 
Flame Angel (Centropyge Loricula)  



Various Euphyllia spp (Divisa, Ancora, Jardinei etc)
Heteractis Magnifica and Crispa (Anemones)
Goniopora spp
Alveopora spp
Various Acanthastrea spp(Lord Howe etc)
Acropora spp (Tabulate and cluster)
Turbinaria spp
Lobophyllia spp
Favites spp
Platygyra daedalea
Cynaria Lacrymalis



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