About us

Brad Cole, the founder of Mr Hobbyfish has been creating natural wonders underwater for private homes, office spaces and industry expos since 2000.

Brad has been keeping and breeding fish, and cultivating plants and coral for more than half his life, some of his charges (fish) are over 20 years old and are still happy and healthy.

Brad Cole

Along with his 10+ years experience in the aquarium retail industry in Brisbane, South East QLD,  Brad has a fascination for aquatic environments and a thirst for knowledge regarding anything aquarium. Brad researches and uses the latest technology and methods with a working knowledge of water chemistry and years of successful fish and coral husbandry.

Brad applies this extensive experience to each and every unique aquarium to create well designed and well maintained systems. Anything from services and consultation on existing aquariums, to the installation and maintenance of new systems, his professional mobile aquarium design, installation and maintenance service will bring natures beauty to you. Mr Hobbyfish services Brisbane, Redlands, Logan and surrounding areas. 

Mr Hobbyfish has expanded in recent years due to customer satisfaction and ongoing positive referrals. Using state of the art design standards and methods, along with top quality products, Mr Hobbyfish creates results that will surpass expectations.