How much and how often should I feed my fish? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mr Hobbyfish   

It is easy to overfeed your aquarium inhabitants as they will ask for food whenever they catch a glimpse of you. A good guideline is twice a day and only as much as they can eat within 5 minutes without much falling to the bottom.


This also gives you the opportunity to watch your tank, make sure everyone is eating and all accounted for and in good health.You may need to target feed some fish such as bottom feeders with pellets or wafers daily.

Also some fish species such as anthias need smaller more regular feedings. There are a wide range of quality foods available, both frozen and dry.

Mr Hobbyfish uses and recommends Hikari/Fish fuel frozen foods and Tetra or Sera dry foods(flakes/pellets). Always give your fish as varied a diet as possible, remembering if using frozen food to defrost first and add a little at a time.

HINT: Drop some garlic elixir such as Seachem Garlic Guard onto your fishes frozen food while defrosting, it is a proven disease preventative and appetite enhancer.

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